Phyllis and Gary Thompson, Accomplished Photographers Retiring

Gary and Phyllis Thompson

If you are a visitor to Image City Photography Gallery, you might remember seeing photo exhibits by Phyllis and Gary Thompson, who are retiring as partners and participants at Image City. Gary and Phyllis were among the first to join Ed Vesneske as founding partners and were very instrumental in the initial investment and renovation of the Gallery facility in 2005. Gary served as president and Phyllis as secretary. They are very accomplished photographers having traveled to 49 states to capture the glorious landscape of the United States. 

As educators the Thompsons had summers to travel with their van camper and young children in the early days. They would research their travels to know when the azaleas were in bloom and to find other little-known photogenic scenes. 

Image taken by Gary Thompson

Additionally, Gary was a very accomplished printer, producing photographs at Campos on Jefferson Avenue using silver-halide media. Their striking photographs were much appreciated and purchased at art exhibits, festivals and Image City. There are very many homes and businesses that display their art. For more than thirty years Gary taught photography in the Rush-Henrietta Continuing Education department and would always find helpful comments when reviewing participant’s photographs. Countless photographers were infected by Gary’s passion for photography and are much involved with photography today.  Many recall enjoying the field trips, early morning sunrises, and expeditions to New England and the Southwest. The gallery partners and patrons will certainly miss the enthusiasm and dedication that Phyllis and Gary brought to Image City. 

Image taken by Phyllis Thompson

2 responses to “Phyllis and Gary Thompson, Accomplished Photographers Retiring”

  1. Although I had known Dan, Gary was the first person I met in the Gallery when I walked in with a portfolio to show. It was my lucky day! What a great guy to have as a friend. And soon after I got to know Phyllis, double good luck! Although it was usually in the Gallery where I saw them, Cathy and I had them as our guests in our Phoenix area home when they were wandering Arizona looking where to point their cameras next. Congratulations on their retirement and may it be long and happy. And of course, I sure hope we still bump into each other on occasion!

    • How fortunate you are to have known the Thompsons for so long and for having the opportunity to have them visit you in Arizona! I look forward to still seeing them visit Image City and chat about photography.

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