Paris Love Affair: An Exhibit by James Christopher Knight

Douce Pluie by James Christopher Knight

Something inside James Christopher Knight ignited him as he made his way up the creaking old staircase of the woman’s Parisian apartment on Rue du Fauborg Saint-Martin.  In the doorway, they embraced.  At that moment he knew he loved her.

According to James, the photos in his series, Paris Love Affair, on display at Image City Photography Gallery, until the end of October, is “a love story of images burning inside my heart, the heart of a lover who will never forget his passionate courtship with an enchanting, green-eyed girl, from the City of Lights.”

The photographs in this exhibit are memories of their shared journey.  He says that they lived in Paris, “a city so perfect, it must have been made for love.”  Its beauty, architecture, and the romance of living among cafes and cobbled streets are forever imprinted on the relationship between James and his wife, and expressed through his photography.  

James believes that photographs are memories and also dreams, “like the way caterpillars become butterflies; dreams turn into memories.  What lies between is a fleeting moment called life.”

Jolie Demoiselle by James Christopher Knight

Paris Love Affair was inspired by the love affair with his wife, Laura.  Although they met on a tiny island in the Bay of Thailand, they courted in the stunning city of Paris.  At the time, James lived in Los Angeles but was making regular trips to Paris.  While falling more deeply in love with Laura, James also fell head over heels for Paris.  When he married Laura in 2018, they moved to Paris.  

While selling photographic artwork at live shows and festivals, James acted as an unofficial ambassador of Paris.  James says he loves “talking with people about this magnificent city. He says that people inspired by Paris fall into two categories: those who have been and hold fond memories of their trip, and those who dream of going one day.  James says he connects with both and has made it a mission to share his love for Paris with people who also love it, and he hopes that his photos inspire others to visit. 

James’ favorite photo in this collection is Basier Sur Les Toits (Kiss on the Rooftops), which showcases one of his favorite views of Paris from the rooftop cafe of a department store called Printemps.  He and his wife have enjoyed many cups of expresso and hot chocolate while looking out over Paris. In this image, the viewer sees the Eiffel Tower.  It stimulates within the viewer all the “feels” of being in Paris, whether from memory or imagination.  Between the Eiffel Tower and his camera, are the romantic rooftops of Paris, which James adores.

Basier Sur Les Toits by James Christopher Knight

Through this exhibit, James is interested in sharing the beauty and romance of Paris, and inspiring others to connect with the city in the way he has.  He hopes to convey a feeling  and says that Paris is “more than a destination; it is a garden for love.”

When James returned to Rochester, where he grew up, he searched for local photo galleries to show his work and to see other photographers’ work.  Being a Kodak town, he was excited thinking there would be several.  Although he was wrong, he says he was “delighted to find Image City Photography Gallery because it’s a supportive environment of enthusiastic and talented photographers. It’s the epicenter of photographic art in Rochester,” and he says he is “pleased to be part of it.”

James has two upcoming shows in November, 2022: Christmas in the Country and RMSC Holiday Bazaar.  Additional places to view his work are on the following sites:

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  1. Thank you for sharing the story behind his art- it is beautiful! (I also agree with James that Image City is the epicenter of photographic art in Rochester!)

    • Laura, Thank you for your comments. All of us at the gallery have been enjoying this beautiful exhibit.

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