Photography through the World of Artificial Intelligence

When Scott Matyjaszek was a young boy, he was always fascinated by science fiction and the possibilities of technology.  Through Sci-Fi comic books, he was intrigued by the idea of a future world filled with flying cars, intergalactic or inter-dimensional travel and advanced technology like robots and time machines. Thus, it is not surprising that Scott’s love for technology and his background in art have led to his collaboration with artificial intelligence (AI) in the creation of his latest art, which he finds inspiring, exciting, and slightly other worldly. Scott’s love for technology has carried over into his art and his present use of AI as a new medium.  

Zen by Scott Matyjaszek

The images in Scott’s current exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery are focused on the world of AI.  AI art refers to art generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence, which is based on a computer system of neural networks modeled on the human brain and nervous system. To create his images, Scott has taken on multiple roles; including visual creator, director and curator.  

The Portal by Scott Matyjaszek

Scott begins by having a concept in his mind.  He then decides how best to communicate his concept to the neural network, which converts his voice into a text or “prompt,” and finally converts the text into an image.  Much like a film director who manages and directs all the creative elements and components to arrive at a scene, Scott says, “I may need to edit the script or text prompt several times to bring it closer to my original vision.”  By its very nature, the neural network adds elements of randomization, which for Scott, can be artistically exciting. He says the whole process is “much like co-writing music, where you may have a melody in mind, but through the collaboration with another person, you can find yourself led to variations that you wouldn’t have normally thought of, resulting in unexpected and unique outcomes.”  Scott has learned that there is more than meets the eye, and it’s not just simply “pressing a button.”  He says it is much more complex than that.

When viewing Scott’s exhibit at Image City Photography Gallery, Scott hopes that people will appreciate this new form of (AI) art without any prejudice or preconceived notions.  He reminds us that the history of art is littered with examples of new mediums being met with resistance and misunderstanding.  Photography, for instance, was once deemed not to be art because it was too easy (again, “pressing a button” for instant art.). However, pioneering photographers such as Alfred Stieglitz, Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and László Moholy-Nagy helped to change people’s perception and establish photography as a legitimate art form.  The same has the potential to happen with AI art, and Scott believes that it is important to keep an open mind and embrace new forms of creative expression.

Scott says there were some challenges when creating the images in his current exhibit. He had to let go of strict expectations and avoid being tightly bound to his original idea and at times, letting the “chips fall as they may.”  Scott says, “Just like a good soup, it was a challenge to find the right ingredients/elements for the ideal recipe that made the art unique and visually tasty.”
He adds that he could have used more sleep time since he “spent many hours and late nights learning how to better represent his ideas as he went down this ‘rabbit hole.’”

The Architect by Scott Matyjaszek

Scott’s favorite image in this exhibit is “The Architect.” He says “it captures stateliness and elegance (with a nod to Art Deco style) through its use of soft pastel hues and intricate geometric line work. It portrays the architect looking outward and admiring their work as their flowing robe seems to blend seamlessly into the floor, symbolizing the unity with their creation.”

Scott says he chooses to exhibit at Image City because of the “supportive atmosphere and willingness to showcase unconventional artwork that may not fit within the traditional confines of photography.”  He appreciates being allowed to “go off script” and “try things that don’t necessarily fit under the strict umbrella of photography.”  Most importantly Scott says it is the community that makes Image City such a special place to display his work. He says he “is thankful not only to the patrons who visit to enjoy the art, but especially to the dedicated, friendly gallery partners who are responsible for bringing this fine gallery to all of us.”

The Red Umbrella by Scott Matyjaszek

If you are interested in viewing other works by Scott Matyjaszek, please visit his website for a list of his shows and other examples of his work at

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  1. As a partner, I appreciate Scott’s long time support of Image City. He continues to show new and creative techniques in his presentation of his artistic abilities. I especially like “The Portal” above for the way that lines and designs seem to meld together and form various images somewhat akin to Escher’s prints. It’s a variable feast of images within images.

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