Meet Ron Andrews

Image City Guest Photographer, Ron Andrews

Ron Andrews has enjoyed photography since he was a child, when he observed his father and grandfather taking photos.  His grandfather shot thousands of Kodachrome slides. Ron remembers watching him open a box of slides and sort them.  Ron bought a Boy Scout Camera when he was 8 years old and has been interested in the technology of photography ever since. 

Eventually, Ron came to Rochester to work for Kodak; where he met Image City Photography Gallery current and former partners: Steve Levinson, Sheridan Vincent, Jim Patton and Dan Neuberger.  Ron learned the technology at Kodak, but when digital sensors replaced film, he was told it was time to leave Kodak.   So, he bought a digital camera and discovered how easily he could take thousands of photos a year, instead of just a few hundred.  After leaving Kodak, he learned about composition and editing.

High Falls Sunset by Ron Andrews

Though Ron displays his photos on social media and at flea markets and coffee shops, he likes to show his photos at Image City Photography Gallery because he enjoys the in-depth conversations that he is able to have there.  Ron says, “I need direct contact with people who appreciate photography, whether or not they are interested in my photos. This exhibit enables that.”

Ron’s display at the gallery is a collection of some of his favorite photos taken over the last 13 years.  The majority of his photos on display are landscape photos, which is his favorite genre.  He used AI filters for three of his photos that he altered to mimic a painting style. 

Letchworth Milky Way by Ron Andrews

One of Ron’s favorite photos in this exhibit is Letchworth Milky Way, taken at Letchworth State Park.  He says it is one of his favorites because “it is a good photo of an interesting subject,” but it is mainly “because of the back story.”  It took three trips to Letchworth to get the photo he wanted.  In the first trip, the river was running so high that he couldn’t get close to the falls without getting his camera soaked.  On the second try people kept shining high-power lights on the bridge.  He says, “I don’t know whether they were inspecting the bridge for a flaw or looking for someone who might attempt suicide.”  He had parked his car in the lot next to the bridge.  It was the only car in the lot.  He wonders if they were looking for the driver of that car.  He packed up his gear and hiked up to the parking lot.  It was deserted when he got there, so he says he will never know for sure what they were looking for.  On his third trip he parked in the lower lot.  It was still the only car in the lot, but it was not visible from the main park road.  Ron enjoyed all three of his trips and says, “I don’t often seek solitude, but sometimes it is good to share a large space with a few deer, racoons and lightning bugs.”

Zion Sunset by Ron Andrews

Another one of Ron’s favorite images, which is his best seller, is Zion Sunset.  Ron received a Gallery Pick award for this photo. All the elements of the image, including light and color fit harmoniously.  This is especially true when one studies the complementary colors; where the sun, radiant with its warm hues, are highlighted by the blues seen in the clouds and water.

Ron has enjoyed displaying his images during the student show.  He says “there is a lot of talent in these students.”  The students are in the process of learning about photography and Ron says, “I hope people realize that there are some senior citizens who are also still learning.”

Na Pali Coast by Ron Andrews

In November Ron will be displaying photos at Canal Town Coffee Roasters on East Aveune. The following are additional sites to view Ron’s images:

Please post your questions or comments about Ron’s photography.

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