Eclectic Randomness:Featuring Emily Stauring

Emily Stauring, the current featured photographer at Image City Photography Gallery, says “I will photograph until I die, and I will l probably die photographing.” Emily, who has had a camera in her hand since the age of 4, says that photography is who she is and how she sees the world.  She started with film, migrated to digital, then just recently went back to film.  She says she has “sold to every continent in the world, has collectors everywhere, and used to sell at art shows in 8 different states.”  Emily seldom uses a tripod or conventional methods when photographing her subjects.  She says “I do what I need to get the shot, then edit it by emotion.”

Emily says that the images in her show are just a small part of how she sees the world.  She describes the images as “quirky, unique, glorious, imperfect, moody and sometimes downright funny.”   Emily selected some of her favorites to include in her exhibit. Some are because of their color methods, some because of their content and some “just based on the feeling” they give her.  Emily believes “art should not be perfect; it should be moving.”

When Emily immerses herself in her photo, Midnight Calm, she hears the almost perfect sound of a lake at night—quiet, refreshing with a faint sound of a loon in the background to add just a bit of mystery.

Midnight Calm by Emily Stauring

Another one of Emily’s photos that affects her is Sunlight Raining, which provokes within her a feeling of calm, as well as adventure.  She took this photo in Ireland after a large storm, and she says that she can still smell the air.

Sunlight Raining by Emily Stauring

One of Emily’s photos that reminds her of a person is Crooked Red.  She says that this image represents a tired-out mom; crooked, yet still standing; desperately in need of a makeover, but still intriguing enough to grab attention.

Crooked Red by Emily Stauring

After seeing her photos, Emily hopes that viewers will walk away with a sense of wonder and awe and a desire to explore the world around them.

For additional information about Emily, or to view more of her work, click here:

2 responses to “Eclectic Randomness:Featuring Emily Stauring”

  1. Enjoyed the opening very much. I hope to develop my photographic talents so I too can se and capture such interesting images.

    On a side note, the photos of the suitcases really captured my interest as it did my friend’s. Another example of the power of photography. Thank you

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