Rochester Clicks: Featuring Image City Partner, Sheridan Vincent

Rochester, NY, a city rich in history and culture, has long been a muse for artists and photographers. Its unique blend of urban landscapes, stunning architecture and natural beauty provides endless opportunities for capturing captivating moments. In a remarkable show, Sheridan Vincent, with over 2 decades of experience behind the lens, takes us on a mesmerizing journey through the heart of Rochester and beyond.  Each image tells a story, reflecting Sheridan’s deep connection and love for the city.

George Eastman Museum-Dusk by Sheridan Vincent

 Rochester Clicks is the eighth featured exhibit Sheridan has produced since joining Image City in 2005. In each previous exhibit he included “Rochester” in the title as the locality where he concentrates his interest. Sheridan says, “After seven previous titles, it was a bit of a challenge to find something until I tried Rochester Clicks. The thought of the click of a shutter is obvious; and then to think of it as a verb, when something ‘clicks,’ it fits together.” 

One East Avenue by Sheridan Vincent

A Rochester theme for Sheridan is natural.  He says “Sometimes I feel that my camera is on a 50-mile tether finding all I need with the abundance of the city, parks, beaches, riverfronts and trees.”  He says he does not have a wanderlust for the distant, foreign or exotic that others visit and capture so well. Often when he returns to a local location, it attracts him to seeing it in a new way, or he is out experimenting with a new piece of equipment or idea with new postprocessing capabilities.

Powers BuildingSunrise by S. Vincent

Sheridan took many of the photos in Rochester Clicks at dusk or evening. Then he used current capabilities to balance the lighting to recreate and enhance the moment. He says “Going back to photos taken as long as 15 years ago and reworking them was a significant goal” as he prepared for the exhibit. Sheridan says “I very much enjoy keeping up with the new capabilities that cameras and postprocessing of the image can produce, and it is also great fun to rework a favorite from the past.”

 No exploration of Rochester would be complete without paying homage to its iconic landmarks.  Sheridan’s extensive experience allows him to capture these landmarks in unique and breathtaking ways.  Whether it’s the majestic High Falls cascading through the Genesee River Gorge or the grandeur of the George Eastman Museum, each photograph showcases Sheridan’s keen eye for detail and composition. 

Rochester’s ever-changing seasons provide a stunning backdrop for Sheridan’s work.  From the vibrant colors of autumn foliage to the glistening snow-covered areas of winter, each season brings its own charm to the city.  In Rochester Clicks, Sheridan captures the essence of each season, evoking a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds Rochester throughout the year. 

Most of the photographs in the show are printed on a metallic inkjet paper that is laminated to the back of acrylic plastic. They are produced with no frame containing the image.  Sheridan says, “It has become my favorite medium and is scalable to be able to produce large photographs. My vision for the fate of the prepared photographs is that they will find a commercial space or a living room where they will be enjoyed as part of the décor for decades to come. At that size they also present well in the Gallery setting we have at Image City. When I have a photo that I really like, I don’t appreciate it fully until it is printed, and the larger it is printed, the more I like it. It is also satisfying when a visitor to the Gallery can bond with the photograph and the location because they know it so well.”

By the Letters by Sheridan Vincent

Rochester Clicks not only highlights Sheridan’s skill and passion but also invites viewers to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Rochester, fostering a deeper connection with the city that many viewers call home.  The exhibition will be on display at Image City Photography Gallery until October 1, 2023.  If you have questions or would like to leave a comment about the show, please do so in the comment box below.

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