Picks of the Past: Featuring Chip Evra

Tango by Chip Evra

Chip Evra, who has been displaying his images for years at Image City Photography Gallery, is currently displaying a unique exhibit, called Picks of the Past, in the Neuberger Gallery.  All of the images in the exhibit have received recognition in previous exhibits when they were displayed at Image City.  

In earlier years a noted and respected photographer and critic, Peter Marr, selected what he considered outstanding work of each show.  He would then write an explanation describing why he selected the piece, and it was aptly named “Peter’s Pick.”

The Glen by Chip Evra

One example that was chosen by Peter Marr is Chip’s photo entitled, The Glen, which received a “Pick” in 2013.  In his description, Peter said that the photo “seems to portray a world that only exists in a fairytale; however, we know that this is an image of something in the real world.”

Since Peter retired, works in the show have been reviewed by the Image City Photography Gallery Partners, who selected exceptional photographs in each show; the selections were re-named as “Partners’ Picks” and eventually transitioned to “Gallery Picks.”

Broom by Chip Evra

In June, 2015, Chip’s photo entitled Broom, received a Partners’ Pick award.  The partners were impressed with the story that the image evokes.  They commented that the real story is as much about an unseen person as it is about the broom itself. “No matter how we might imagine a story, there is a real one, and this image invites us to remember that thousands of stories unfold around us that leave only a small token of their reality.”

Drawbridge by Chip Evra

Drawbridge, which received a “Partners’ Pick” in September 2021, impressed the partners for many reasons including the use of a single color mixed in with the black and white image.  “The color element draws our attention; it’s almost as if we don’t have a choice—color in this context is like a magnet.”

Chip appreciates the recognition that his photos have received.  He says, “All of the partners of Image City are extremely professional, helpful and encouraging. When asked, they share useful information or advice. It was, and is, a contributing influence on me and has helped me grow my passion for Fine Art Photography.”

Dan Neuberger

Chip recalls Dan Neuberger as “one of those special partners, who when asked, always shared his thoughts with me.”  Dan has since passed away, and Chip says “it is a privilege for me to present my work in the Neuberger Gallery,” which is named after Dan.

Chip views Fine Art as an “artistic statement that when viewed, creates an aesthetic response.” He further explains that “in its simplest terms, an aesthetic response is someone’s positive, and yes, negative evaluation of a work of art.”  Chip’s goal is to create works that cause a positive response in the viewer.

In order for him to accomplish this, he explains that he first has to find a subject and have an appreciation and perception of what he sees.  He then captures the moment and creates his perception.  Chip says, “I am always looking for that one moment in time that creates an aesthetic response in me. It could be the light, the composition, the beauty, the simple, the complex or sometimes, it’s just being in the right place at the right time.”

The subjects that Chip photographs are varied, but his goal is always the same: “to transfom my vision into an artistic statement.”

Tango by Chip Evra

Chip’s favorite photo in the exhibit is Tango, which was taken in an outdoor café in the Barrio Chino district in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is an image of a man and woman caught in a classic pose during “one of the most fascinating of all dances, the tango.”  He says that it is performed expressing an element of romance in its synchronized and graceful movements.  “You can almost hear the music of the accordion player and singer, and as can be seen, it’s the dance with the stop.”

Chip’s hope is that the viewers of his exhibit will get inspired as they study all of the photos that have previously been selected as “Picks.”   Chip’s photos can be viewed at Image City until October 1, 2023.

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