Red Show Returns to Image City Photography Gallery

The second annual Red Show will be coming back to Image City during the month of February. Participating photographers select one photo that shows their own interpretation of the Red theme.  We hope that you consider participating in this show!

Amaryllis by Luann Pero

What do we know about the color red?  We know that it attracts attention and elicits strong emotions such as love or anger; it is the color of drama and passion.  It is stimulating, vibrant and exciting. Red inspires desire. The Partners at Image City are excited about seeing your visions in red.

Recently a visitor asked me about color in photography.  How does it impact a viewer? Color in photography combines art, science and culture with a person’s own personal style. It can tell stories and create atmospheres.  

Coke Trucks by Sheridan Vincent

Some photographers enjoy using color schemes, which often produce a bold impact. For example when colors complement each other, the images feel vibrant and harmonious. This leads to photos that are visually appealing. For additional information about using color theory in photography, check out the following link that was published by Feature Shoot:

To Dance is to Live by Steve Dent

If you are trying to figure out a subject for your Red photo, here are some ideas to get you started: 

Fill the frame with two or three hues in an abstract composition.  Use a macro or zoom lens to get close. 

Photograph the color in an unexpected location for visual interest.

Experiment by photographing the color red in different settings such as nature, architecture, landscape, urban, or portrait.

Create a focal point by capturing the color red surrounded by a neutral shade.

Consider using a monochromatic color scheme centered on different tones and shades of red.

Consider dominating large areas of your photo with red, or perhaps punctuating your shot with small patches of red.

So…what will you submit to the Red Photo Exhibit at Image City?  Show us your scenes, narratives or moods through subtle tones or technicolor daydreams! Remember images are due by January 30, 2023.

Winter Apples by Don Menges

For information regarding how to submit a photo, click here:

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